It's All About Brown

It's All About Brown is a Subsidiary Company of US Uniform & Supply in Indianapolis, IN

Opening day was March 1, 2003. I remember it like it was yesterday. I mailed fliers announcing our grand opening to every sheriff in the state of Indiana. I followed up with catalogs, letters and phone calls for two months leading up to that day. I had ordered more inventory of Cordovan Brown Basket Weave Duty Gear, Brown Jackets, Brown Uniforms, Brown Boots and Brown Campaign hats than all my competitors combined.

I was ready!

I researched the industry, invested every penny I had and a business plan was in place. For five months I prepared everything; designing the store, constructing displays, installing sales counters and assembling office furniture. Slot wall and thousands of hooks were ordered for the plethora of merchandise needed to stock the shelves. Every type of sewing machine available was acquired for any uniform alteration I could think of. Enough inventory was purchased to make every sales representative I dealt with the number one sales rep in their company. I bought cash registers, computers, hired employees and hung a sign.

The day arrived. It was Saturday morning, 9:00AM. My head was spinning, possibly because I was up till 3:00AM putting price tags on the thousands of items that were going to be for sale. I had six dozen donuts, a giant five gallon vessel of Starbucks Coffee and a welcome sign greeting the entourage of customers that were going to walk through my front door.

I took in $30 in sales that day. I was onto something big!

Welcome to U.S. Uniform & Supply, The Professional Uniform Company.

Bill Kessler
Founder and President, U.S. Uniform & Supply

“ It’s All About Brown “