Brown Boots & Shoes

Danner, HAIX, 5.11, Original S.W.A.T, Magnum, Scarpa, Capps and more.

Hopefully we have debunked the rumor.  We have Brown Boots and plenty of them, including the highest quality law enforcement footwear for police and sheriffs.  They are not going away, just our competitors who refuse to make an effort in providing them.

If you do not see a shoe or boot that meets your needs, contact us today and we can custom order your favorite style.

6" 3


45200 Danner Explorer 6" Brown Boot $379.95 Buy Now
63100 Danner Sierra Brown Boot $339.95 Buy Now 
21210 Danner Acadia Black Boot $349.95 Buy Now
25200  Danner Patrol 6" Black Boot $339.95 Buy Now
42975 Danner Striker Torrent 45 Black Boot $179.95 Buy Now
42980 Danner Striker Torrent II 8" Black Boot $209.95 Buy Now
12018 5.11 ATAC 6" Side Zip Black Boot $109.99 Buy Now
12001 5.11 ATAC 8" Side Zip Black Boot $119.99 Buy Now
12004 5.11 ATAC Storm Black Boot $144.99 Buy Now
CAPPS Capps Brown Hi-Gloss Dress Show $109.95 Buy Now
MAGNUM Magnum County Patrol Brown Boot $139.95

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