Brown Campaign Hats

Straw & Felt Campaign Hats for Sheriffs

U.S. Uniform has a huge inventory of both Straw and Felt Brown Stratton Campaign hats in addition to all the components that you will need for the right fit. To ensure the longevity of your Sheriff hat, besides carrying all the protective coverings, we only stock the triple brim style so that you will not battle the inevitable curling of the lesser quality and cheaper double brim style.

STRAWBrown Straw Triple Brim$109.95Buy Now 
FELTBrown Felt Triple Brim$129.95Buy Now 
CHORDSilver or Gold Acorns$13.95Buy Now 
STRAPBrown Strap$13.95Buy Now 
RAINRain Cover$9.95Buy Now 
TRAPHard Plastic Shell Hat Trap$84.95

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PRESSWooden Brim Press$26.95Buy Now