Tactical Flashlights

Tactical Flashlights for Police, Sheriffs, Law Enforcement

We have a variety of tactical flashlights for every occasion and accessories to support it, specially designed for police and professional law enforcement professionals. Every manufacturer has a warrantee, if something goes wrong with one of our products, give us a call first. We will make sure it is handled right and take the lead on either fixing it or replacing it.

STINGERStreamlight Stinger DS LED Kit$159.95 
STRIONStreamlight Strion LED Kit$169.95 
POLYStreamlight Polytac LED$59.95 
POLYHDStreamlight Polytac HP$69.95 
MICROStreamlight Microstream$24.95 
STYLUSStreamlight Stylus Pro$29.95 
TLR-1Streamlight TLR-1$149.95 
7060Pelican LED 7060 KIT$164.95 
531405.11 A1 LED$54.95 
BAYCOBayco Night Stick Traffic Wand$44.95 
QUICKQuiqLite Visor Light $23.95 
QUICKRQuiqLite Visor Light Recharge$44.95