Quality Police and Law Enforcement Handcuffs

Brand names that law enforcement professionals can count on.  Inventory for one or enough for the entire department. 

100N S&W Model 100 Chain Nickel $39.95 Buy Now  
100B S&W Model 100 Chain Blue $41.95 Buy Now  
1 S&W Model 1 Chain Nickel $49.95 Buy Now  
1H S&W Model 1 Hinged Nickel $69.95 Buy Now  
1900  S&W Leg Irons $69.96 Buy Now  
1800 S&W Belly Chain $89.95 Buy Now  
700N Peerless Chain Nickel $38.95 Buy Now  
700B Peerless Chain Black $43.95 Buy Now  
801N Peerless Hinged Nickel $49.95 Buy Now  
801B Peerless Hinged Black $34.95 Buy Now  
2010H Hiatt Chain Nickel $36.95 Buy Now  
2050H Hiatt Hinged Nickel $49.95 Buy Now