Outerwear & Jackets for Sheriffs, Law Enforcement

Bomber, Softshell, and Rain Jackets by Blauer & Flying Cross

We may not be located in Minnesota but you would think we were with all the Brown Outerwear we keep in stock for sheriffs and law enforcement officials.  We have in stock several styles and models to keep you warm and comfortable when the temps are in the mid 50’s to below Zero.  

6120 Blauer 3 Season Bomber Jacket  $174.95 Buy Now  
4660 Blauer Brown Softshell Jacket $139.95 Buy Now  
233R Blauer Reversible Rain Jacket $174.95 Buy Now  
733R Blauer 48 1/2" Reversible Rain Coat $189.95 Buy Now  
339 Blauer Safety Traffic Vest $59.95 Buy Now  
USJ705 Black Soft Shell Jacket $89.98 Buy Now  
9820-60 Blauer Tacshell w/ Softshell Inner $409.95 Buy Now