Brown Sheriff Uniforms (Class A, B & C)

High Quality Brown Sheriff Uniforms with Alterations & Hemming

U.S. Uniform offers the highest quality of Sheriff Uniforms in appearance, performance and overall wear ability from all major manufacturers. Together with our in house seamstress services for patch application, pant hemming and alterations, our large inventory assures you will walk out of our store with what you came in for. For one uniform, outfitting a new hire or uniforms for an entire department we are prepared.

Class A Uniforms
85r FC SS Brown Shirt $53.95 Buy Now
33W FC LS Brown Shirt $56.95 Buy Now
32223 FC Tan w/ Brown Stripe Pant $72.95 bUY Now
Z3315 Elbeco SS Brown Shirt $53.95  
Z315 Elbeco LS Brown Shirt $56.95  
E315R Elbeco Brown Pant $64.95  


Class B Uniforms
8916   Blauer SS Brown Super Shirt $69.95 Buy Now
8906  Blauer LS Brown Super Shirt $77.95 Buy Now
8980 Blauer Brown Cargo Pant $89.95 Buy Now
8980-2 Blauer Tan w/ Brown Stripe Cargo Pant $92.95 Buy Now


Class C Uniforms    
71001 5.11 Brown SS  TDU Shirt $54.99  
72002 5.11 Brown LS TDU Shirt $54.99  
74003 5.11 Brown TDU Pant $54.99 Buy Now
F5311 Propper Brown SS Shirt $44.95  
F5312 Propper Brown SS Shirt $44.95  
F5252 Propper Brown Pant $44.95